Why Choose ANS Centres

  Why Choose Ans Centres

Today, choosing a nursing centre is not very different from choosing a place to stay for a holiday. Gone are the
days of cold, clinical buildings, functioning in a world of their own. In our modern Centres, colour co-ordinated and fully furnished interiors favourably resemble a hotel rather than a nursing centre.

The Choice is Yours

When you are looking for a nursing centre you must investigate what is being offered, in both nursing care and
lifestyle. You can expect superior standards of nursing services and accommodation, without being far from family and friends.

As a professional service provider, ANS is managing and monitoring the standard of nursing care and hotel
services available with the Quality Management System ISO-9002 being applied in all ANS Centres. Whether you are enquiring for convalescence, post-operative care, long or short-term stays, ANS is keeping up with demand.
Our Centres, either purpose built or specially converted, are designed to provide a high standard of nursing services to a wide range of client groups.

To guarantee you receive value for money, we provide individual nursing plans and care packages, which are tailored to meet specific needs. This also takes into account individual dietary, social and spiritual requirements. Additional services vary from Centre to Centre and these include physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, chiropody and hairdressing, as well as complementary and relaxation therapies.

The appropriate level of nursing care is complemented with an environment which enhances ones lifestyle. ANS Centres promote quality of life and freedom of choice, and are distinct in many ways.

Where possible, pets are also welcome. Resident privacy is of primary importance, which is why television and telephone points are found in all bedrooms. However, separate dining and sitting rooms also give clients the option of socialising if they wish.

You can visit any of our Centres at your convenience, you can contact the Centre Manager directly, or you can give your details now and we’ll get in touch with you.

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